Posted: September 27, 2012 in News
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Contrary to rumours which went round the social media yesterday that a beast was killed in Madonna University Elele campus, Rivers State, facts have emerged that nothing of such happened in the school. It was rumoured that the supposed beast in the picture below was killed at the back of Boys hostel after it came out to fight on behalf of the smaller version of it that was killed earlier.

We gathered from a reliable source who is also a final year medical student at the Elele Campus, Charles Okonkwo popularly known as “Basket” that it was a facticious and malicious rumour being pedalled by some disgruntled elements who were expelled from the school some weeks back, in a bid to dent the image of the school. He further enlightened us that the said picture was a photo-shop of a skinned chicken/ bird wearing ‘furs’, twisted into a confusing shape, and taken closeup to disguise its size and that if it truly happened students would have gathered to look at it.

It is really amazing what people can do or how far people can go to try to tarnish the image of others.

  1. izoid says:

    Basket ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Ur own story is d best so far …..hehehehehehehehehehehe

  2. izoid says:

    Its just a joke dat got out of hand and some people like basket said took advantage of it to rubbish the image of the school …nuff said …!!

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