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By Kene Ugochukwu
I read your unbalanced and disgusting post where you totally disregarded the contribution of the Igbos to the transformation of Lagos State into the Mega City which it is today and I would not treat it like water under the bridge.
Mr. Kayode , you had your elementary, secondary and university education in the United Kingdom yet  you claim to be so proficient in the history of Lagos.  According to you, the Igbos were just buying up stalls in Isale Eko, Computer town, Alaba and Ajegunle, but before the advent of the Igbos in Isale Eko ,it was a deplorable shanty town with poor sanitary practices. The Inhabitants of Isale Eko still passed feaces into buckets and engaged the services of the “Agbepos” (feaces disposers) to dispose feacal matter. When the Igbos came in with their commercial revolution, they improved on the infrastructure of Isale Eko and introduced proper sanitary practices. Despite this, up till today the houses built by the natives of Isale Eko are still clinging to each other like teammates posing for group pictures before a football game.  Computer Village not Computer town was a den of criminals and hooligans until the Igbos made it a conducive environment for trading. According to the Minister of communication technology, Mrs. Omobola Johnson, the market generates $2bn(#300bn) for the Nigerian economy annually.
I am still wondering the kind of Historian that would not take account of Late Sir Louis Ojukwu’s contribution to the development of Lagos. He was the founding president of the Nigerian Stock exchange as well as the founder of African continental bank (ACB). History has it that it was an Igbo man that ran a big textile factory in the area of land where University of Lagos is situated today until he surrendered it for the establishment of the premier institution. The JAMB office situated today in Ikoyi is also part of Sir Louis Ojukwu’s properties seized by the government after the war which was later released to his family through one of his sons, late Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu  by General Ibrahim Babangida in 1993. It is also worthy to note that  during Queen Elizabeth’s first visit to Nigeria in the year 1956, Sir Louis made his Rolls Royce car available for the Queen’s carriage as the Nigerian government could not afford a Rolls Royce at that time. There was also Kenneth .O. Dike the Historian who was the founder of the Ibadan school and first Vice-chancellor of the University of Ibadan, also Professor Eni Njoku the first indigenous Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lagos. All these are prominent Nigerians of Igbo extraction.
The commercial nerve center of this Mega city Lagos is controlled by the Igbos and their taxes have contributed immensely to what Lagos is today. The Igbo race consists of a set of highly spirited people who are resilient in whatever they set their hands upon. They were neither deterred by the draconian policy of Awolowo which led to the depletion of their bank deposits to a meager 20 pounds without any form of justification, nor scared of the pogrom against the Igbo race in the northern part of the country. The indigenization policy adopted by various multinational companies after independence facilitated the easy transfer of control over these organizations to the Yorubas and that is why they are predominantly on the board of companies like Cadbury, Unilever, P.Z, U.A.C e.t.c but the Igbos could not buy into these companies with their already diminished financial reserves.  The massive influx of the Igbos into the western part of Nigeria most especially Lagos in the search of greener pastures was precipitated by the poverty they faced after the dwindling of their bank reserves and the support  given to the Rivers State government by the Nigerian Government to hold onto the seized properties of the Igbos . And where are the Igbos today? You referred to them as guests, but they have put the home of their hosts in order and repositioned it into what it is today. About seventy percent of the ultramodern houses that are in Lagos today are owned by the Igbos.
I am a Historian too, and as a Historian, you have to be objective with your account and never be economic with the truth. The history of Lagos can never be told without taking into account the contributions of the Igbos. There is no way your Eurocentric Lecturers would have been able to teach you a true account of the history of Lagos.
Finally, I have noticed the manner with which you latch onto issues in recent times and one may want to ask, what is the underlying purpose of these  your comments, are you trying to re-launch yourself into the political arena ? But please before you do that, as a Historian which you are, can you do us a favour by giving us a historical account of how you squandered billions of naira as the Aviation Minister, a job you got through the jobs for the boys system operated by former President Olusegun Obasanjo, and at the end of the day obviously you made no significant input into that sector. Thank God for Mrs Stella Oduah “an Igbo woman” who has revamped the sector to what it is today.
Governor  Fashola’s decision to deport some Igbos is indeed a very hard bullet for the Igbo race to bite and anyone who supports such a move should consider himself or herself an enemy of the one Nigeria we all dream of.



sir emeka offor with other rotarians in the  End Polio campaign


By Biodun Adeniyi

By 1996 estimation, Andrew Carnegie was reputedly worth $189.6 billion dollars. That bulk was as well estimated to be the second largest fortune ever acquired by anyone. But he reasoned that if he died that wealthy, he would have died a disgraced man. It was why he gave away a third of that wealth ahead of his death. Think of Carnegie Mellon University, Carnegie Institute of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Hall, Carnegie Foundation, and you’ll think of a man with outliving legacies. His thoughts on giving was perhaps fancied by latter-day super-rich, namely Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Ted Turner, Mike Bloomberg and Warren Buffet, who are all committing fifty percent of their wealth to charity.

The US apart, a recent estimate posted 1.77 billion pounds as the total from “angel givers” in that country. Christopher Hohn, Tom Hunter, Lord Sainsbury, David and Heather Stevens, Peter Cruddas and Anthony D’Affay, amongst some others, lead the pack of givers in the UK, having practically fulfilled or are fulfilling promises that the bulk of their wealth would go the way of charity. Nearer home, South Africa’s Francis Van Niekeuk, Jay Naidoo, Cyril Ramaphosa and Mark Shuttleworth are reputed to be some of the greatest givers. And in Nigeria, Theophilous Yakubu Danjuma, Mike Adenuga, Jr, Aliko Dangote and Emeka Offor have since caught the giving bug.


Point is, the art of giving has not only become entrenched in societies where capitalism, whether pure or prebendal, have been entrenched. Granted that wealth accumulation is a free desire in these systems, only the fittest seem to always survive, and probably triumph over others. Reasons around hardwork, luck, and inheritance often account for the disparities, but the thought to give back to the deprived majority eventually features in the consciences of the victorious few. Some holy books prioritise giving. Hear them: “Give and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you,’’ so the Bible says in Luke 6: 38. “Surely the men and women who give in charity and give to Allah a goodly loan, they shall receive double and for them is a noble reward.”  The Holy Qur’an also says in 57:18.

Not many rich givers might have been inspired by these books. After all, John Holme once told us that “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up”. And “when we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed”, so Maya Angelou said in her contributions to the giving debates. Those last two views are not necessarily directly from the scriptures, but the same meanings are shared, eventually expanding understanding on the virtue of giving. Importantly, the rich often times seem wont to giving, instead of leaving or reserving the excesses for their lineages, because of the positive pulls to so do, in the midst of deprivations.

Having just being honoured at a recent elaborate ceremony in Abuja as Rotary International First Polio Ambassador in Nigeria, Emeka Offor’s identity as a giver of note was somewhat unveiled, ultimately exemplifying one, or two of the motives behind giving. That significantly departed from the old recognition of the man as a kingmaker, who pulls strings behind thrones. It took away, and perhaps permanently, the businessman’s image as a throttle presser that does not mind whose ox is gored.  And gradually, his hot political sides are being overwhelmed by the dimension of the philanthropist.


The businessman had doled out $1million to Rotary’s Polio Plus Program, in aid of the Global Polio Eradication Innitiative (GPEI). That sum was the second of such gesture from the charitable billionaire. He was in 2012 said to have also given $250,000 to Rotary’s Polio Plus Program. Petina Dixon-Jenkins reported that, Offor in February 2013 “contributed $250,000 in support of Rotary initiatives to enhance maternal and child health and another $250,000 for education and literacy projects.” Besides, “In October 2012, Offor contributed $250,000 in support of Rotary’s peace and conflict resolution studies. The gift provides support for students from Nigeria and other African countries who attend the Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkom University in Bangkok, Thailand. The Center offers a three month professional development certificate in peace and conflict studies to approximately fifty peace fellows annually”.

We were also told that working in league with US based Books for Africa (BFA), the man with humble beginnings has through his foundation brought in over I million books, computers, and school items to Nigerian and other African countries. His educational empowerment project totalling $14million will eventually become the largest single contribution to schools in Africa. And back to the health sector, the business mogul in also in the fight against glaucoma, where he has established a $100,000 glaucoma research grant at the Department of Ophthalmology, University of Mainz, Germany, and has established a Nigerian fellowship for cataract Surgery and Glaucoma Management.

And at home, Offor is as well towing the beaten path. Like Holme said, he chose to exercise his heart by lending a hand to widows through his foundation. Women cooperatives have been developed to train participants towards economic independence. They are tutored in many money making skills, including palm kernel oil processing for sale, acquisition of tailoring and hairdressing skills and in the management of different small scale businesses.

Youths are also being empowered through innovative transportation concerns that include commercial buses and taxis. Micro finance grants and loans have been provided to the youths for motorcycle purchases, while participants are given technical assistance in the area of business management. Guest at the recent event were also told how the foundation has been involved in many community infrastructural projects. This comprise of “digging wells to provide potable water, enhancing the health of local communities, and sharply reducing water-borne morbidity among infants”. In addition “The foundation has also paved an access road in Offor’s home village of Oraifite to decrease the isolation of this rural community”.

Beyond books for educational institutions, the businessman further showed he has keyed into Thomas Fuller’s words that “learning makes a man fit for himself”, by going an extra mile to ensure youths are truly fit for the self. While Offor notes that “without education the people cannot create their own solutions”, he has been in the business of “building model schools and classrooms, furnishing them with Internet and other up-to-date equipments”. Scholarships are also been provided to the economically disadvantaged, with over 120 grants thus far. First class graduands amongst beneficiaries are instantly provided with a car and then employed in his burgeoning company.

The soft spoken son of a policeman told an interviewer that his passion for philanthropy was triggered by his humble backgrounds, adding up to his desire to “uplift people and make them independent and self-sufficient”. This is further to the position that he feels that “there must be something in my power to do, some impact I can make, something I can contribute to help remedy the situation (poverty).” For him, “A candle losses nothing by lighting another candle. The problem of poverty is not unique to Nigeria alone. The answer to the question of wealth creation and distribution has always been the creation of value.”

The man who sits atop the Chrome Group, spanning the diverse areas of Oil and Gas, Finance and Investments, Telecommunications, Insurance, Maritime Destination Inspection, Real Estate and the Power Sector assures that “more heroic and focussed leadership” is still to come from him, especially through his foundation. And to boot “Our nation Nigeria is blessed with abundant human and natural resources. Our faith is first and foremost in the Nigerian people. I am fully convinced that if given the same opportunities, our local talent can compete with the best there is anywhere in the world”. He added “We as a nation are a talented and resourceful people, and once our new intakes come in and embrace the strong work ethic of the group, and imbibe our can-do mentality, there is no limit to what we can achieve”.

Okey Ikechukwu (Thisday, July 2nd, 2013) sees the unveiling of Offor’s philanthropic sides as a “Metamorphosis”. That seems apt in the sense in which he perceptively mutated from being a hand that rocks the cradle to that of the “angel giver”. It is even more complete to add that he barely showcased Zygmund Bauman’s thoughts on shifting identities in the mould of the desert quicksand. But the breadth is rewarding when it is good, as the altruistic side of Offor has shown. Congratulations, Ambassador Emeka Offor.

Dr. Adeniyi is an Abuja based Communications Expert

 sir emeka offor in fight against polio (2)sir emeka offor with other rotarians in the  End Polio campaign
 Emeka Offor is a man who rarely talks; rather he prefers his philanthropy and hard work to speak for him.  This son of a Policeman who was born in Kafanchan braved the odds to become the successful businessman that he is today. He has dealt poverty a great blow and has tried his best to ensure that the pangs of poverty does not hinder the dream of the average Nigerian child today. Recently he gave a whooping 1 million dollars in addition to the initial 250 thousand dollars he donated to the Rotary Foundation Polio Plus programme, for the eradication of polio in Nigeria. Unfortunately, Nigeria is the only country in Africa where the incidence of Polio is still being recorded. Would it not be good news for us as Nigerians if zero cases of Polio is recorded by the end of 2014 in Nigeria, as is being projected, courtesy of our own Sir Emeka Offor? Why would Bonny Okonkwo and a group of persons under the “Mbala Obodo” forum castigate and vilify him for this kind gesture to humanity? Wait a minute!, is it not Sir Emeka’s $1 million we are talking about here? Does he need to get approval  from “Mbala Obodo” on how to spend it? What have they as a group or as individuals contributed towards bettering the lives of Oraifite indigenes? Has anybody bothered to ask yet?
SEOF logobooks for africa
The speakers in the acclaimed “Mbala Mbodo”  forum alleged that there is no clean drinking water, electricity, or hospitals in Oraifite, but I must say here that this  claim is totally fallacious. Sir Emeka Offor has a charitable foundation, The Sir Emeka Offor Foundation (SEOF- that has touched the lives of Oraifite indigenes and indeed the whole Nigeria at large.
SEOF pipe borne water SEOF health scheme
His numerous philanthropic  gestures have gone unnoticed because he is not a trumpeter. He signed a 7million-dollar contract with Books for Africa (BFA) for the delivery of 32, 40 ft HQ containers of primary, secondary and University texts from November 1 2011- November 1 2014. It is expected that 640,00 books , assorted computers and school supplies would be shipped under this agreement. Sir Emeka Offor has lived up to this promise as he ensures that these books are distributed annually to all these institutions of learning. I was present at last year’s book sharing exercise; it was possible for one to confuse the venue for a motor park as hundreds of buses from various institutions across the federation were parked waiting to receive their share of books. The high point of the occasion was the donation of a brand new 2012 Toyota Corolla car valued at 4.2 million naira and an automatic employment to Miss Ebere Anaegbuonu a beneficiary of his scholarship scheme, in fulfillment of the vow he made to provide a brand new car and automatic employment in his chain of companies to any beneficiary of his scholarship scheme who graduates with a first class from any discipline. Presently over 120 students are enjoying Sir Emeka Offor’s scholarship at various educational levels.
SEOF education scholarship schemeBFA SEOF BOOKS DISTRIBUTION
 In December 2012, his foundation sponsored a delegation of  about 20 widows from Oraifite on a  three week study visit to the Talent Research Foundation in India. This group of women learnt a lot about practices and activities that enhanced the economic, social and political lives of the rural Indian populace. Areas of interest included skill acquisition centers, small holder farms, orphanages, rehabilitation centres and designated rural health centers. The SEOF Widows Cooperative which as of date caters for over 2000 widows doles out on a yearly basis, bags of rice and other food items to these women.
He also gave out 7 million naira through his charitable foundation to one Miss Stella Eze from Nsukka, Enugu State for her kidney transplant. She is presently in India for the surgery.
IMG_3342 IMG_3291
It is on record that Sir Emeka Offor’s company, Kaztec Engineering Limited rescued  2 of the survivors of the Calabar boat mishap that happened earlier this year. He also took it upon himself to visit them at the Bakor Medical Centre, Calabar where they were hospitalized, with food items as well as cash donations. He even went as far as offering them employment.
Just a few months ago, Sir Emeka through his foundation donated $4,000 USD to save Baby Kehinde’s life. Kehinde Olaniyi was born two months ago in a very bad shape, with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (AMC) at the Garki General Hospital, as against his twin Taiye who is in perfect condition. Kehinde also suffers undescended testicles, inguinal and lumbar hernia, plus Scoliosis; a medical condition in which a person’s spine is curved from side to side. The donation was to assist in a corrective surgery abroad.
sir emeka offor with one of the survivirs of the boat mishapSEOF donates to save Kehinde's life
The Sir Emeka Offor Foundation in her efforts to help eradicate some ravaging diseases in Nigeria recently donated $250,000 to the Carter Center, in support of her River Blindness Control Programme in the South East states of Nigeria. It will also be recalled that the SEOF has donated so far the sum of €250,000 to endow a professorship of glaucoma in the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Mainz, Germany. This is to assist research on the early detection and treatment of glaucoma.
In all fairness, how does these charitable gestures culminate in terrorizing the people of Oraifite?
river blindness carter center
Sir Emeka Offor understands that Charity begins at home, so when he decided to build a radio station in Nigeria, he did not consider Abuja or Lagos or Port-Harcourt, he decided to bring it back home to provide entertainment, information and above all employment to his dear people of Oraifite. Blaze 91.5FM organizes and hosts the Blaze Blast Concert on the 30th and 31st December of every year, a platform which brings together youths from the south-east and affords them the privilege of celebrating  Xmas with the best of the best in the Nigeria Entertainment Industry. And guess what..IT IS FREE! For example, 2face Idibia, Psquare, Ill Bliss, Phyno, Basketmouth, Gbenga Adeyinka, Wande Coal, Flavour, Chidinma, Bracket and over 30 other artistes all graced last year’s Blaze Blast Concert. This year’s concert promises to be even better than the last as  Kcee of the Limpopo fame, Lynxx, Olamide, Don Jazzy, Tiwa Savage, Akpororo, Okey Bakassi are some of the names that are being  lined up for the concert. Where else in Nigeria will you get to watch an assemblage of artistes of this magnitude for free?  You may consider spending Xmas this  season in Oraifite to have a feel of what i am talking about.
peter of psquare on stage at the blaze blast concert blaze blast 20122face performing on stagetimaya performing on stage
Many do not know this, but Sir Emeka does not joke with his relationship with God, little wonder he was instrumental to the erection of the All Saints Anglican Church, Oraifte; a magnificent edifice to behold!
Emeka Offor has brought a lot of development to the Oraifite community so much that once you mention you are from Oraifite the next question you are being asked is “Are you related to Emeka Offor?”. “Sir E” as he is fondly called was instrumental to the construction of the the first access road from Oraifite to Nnewi- the now “Emeka Offor road”. Besides being the brain behind the constant power supply and the eradication of kidnapping in Oraifite, he also plays a substantial role in the sponsorship of the New yam festivities “Afiolu” in Oraifite which has become very popular over the years beyond the shores of Anambra State.
 Sir Emeka Offor has done a lot in the development and transformation of his beloved hometown Oraifite and should not be paid back with defamatory comments.
 sir emeka offor (2).sir emeka offor in fight against polio
 For all those who have nothing to offer to Oraifite and instead of supporting those who are, have resorted to peddling negative stories about “Sir E” in order to deter him from his charitable works, PLEASE STOP! The least you can do is to encourage him to do more.
But be that as it may, the decision by some group of people to take out their time to disparage the character of this God sent man cannot be condoned, for as the saying goes… “It is within the rights of every man, wealthy or not, to protect and preserve his reputation. This is because a man is no better than his name, perception being cognitive reality. To this end and in the protection of every man’s interest in his good reputation, the human society developed the law of defamation of character.”

Dear Oyebanjo, Dapo Daniel AKA D’Banj,I am seated at a local restaurant here at the university town of Nsukka, in Enugu State, Nigeria, drinking a bottle of Fayrouz and listening to the sound of the generator, which is the only source of electricity around here.I have watched your latest music video. I went through the rigour last night. It is the video of the song entitled “Don’t Tell Me Nonsense” and it was awfully disgusting, the song, I mean. Kaffy and the rest of the dancers didn’t disappoint in the video.
This is bad, I know, using awful and disgusting, in same sentence. But that is what I feel about what I saw. Brother, D’Banj, a lot has changed since you left your brother and hustle partner, Ajereh, Michael Collins AKA Don Jazzy. Truth. Your songs have been nothing but trash. I wonder if anyone has said anything nice to you since you started making songs outside Don Jazzy. If they have, it must have been for that singular hit song entitled ‘Oliver Twist.’ Kai! That song swept through Nigeria and the rest of the world. You would not believe that the ordinary child on the streets of Nsukka knows the lyrics of that song and the dance steps too.

In Nigeria, there are plenty factors that weigh us down. One is our inability to manage our weaknesses. I see you have been buying yourself expensive jewelleries. The other day, I saw on Olorisupergal’s blog that you wear a wristwatch worth my entire family and maybe inheritance. I commend your taste. You are a lucky and hardworking man. You deserve it, besides; ‘Oliver Twist’ made marks. It took the Nigerian music to a height that had never been seen in recent times. Its toping charts, downloads, Youtube views and itunes purchases are amongst the few things I can mention.

Dear, D’Banj, Don Jazzy may not be an ideal partner, I bet you, no one is an ideal partner! Perfect couples quarrel and make up. It is the joy of having such union. I believe misunderstanding is part of us, as humans. I will run to the zoo the day I see a union that agrees on almost everything.Back to your music, I feel Don Jazzy was made to make good music with you. He may not only be your producer, but whatever input, from advice, to production, will go a long way. Besides, he has been miserable too, without you. I have seen his eyes in music videos. There is one he did with Tiwa Savage. Ah, Tiwa. She looked dazzling, while Don Jazzy looked wanting and dispirited. Tiwa may have a perfect voice but Don Jazzy has not been able to achieve what he did with you. The other boys, K-Switch, Wande Coal and the goody bag crooner, D’Prince are unfortunate learners.
They must be stark illiterates to have taken sides when you guys parted. I understand their ignorance. But my concern here is, if you wish to stay relevant in the sight of Nigerians, making good music, and not caressing a stripper on stage on your birthday, then you have to make amends with Don Jazzy and understand that people argue because they are beneficial to themselves. Only dummies agree on everything.
I think tribalism had a lot to play in your split. It is a sad reality, if I am right. Tribalism will eventually destroy Nigeria. Our young people think they belong to a superior tribe and so make silly comments which sometimes bring about misconception and then crisis. I once had a boss, who is Igbo, who felt my tribe’s men were lazy, just because she came to my state and saw a job and was privileged to be a high ranking staff. I have had people who think those from the north should be gatekeepers and cobblers. Someone called me a militant once in Abuja, at the Sheraton, when he discovered I was from the Niger-Delta. I forgave his gross stupidity. I think we should drink a cup of water when ignorant people say rubbish about our personalities or flaws and relate it to tribe.
You are a great young man, D’Banj. Few people have attained the height you have. I am encouraged to pursue what I am currently pursuing because I know I will triumph. Your likes and that of 2Face Idibia, despite your weaknesses are heroes. And you must recall that Kanye West met you because he had heard good stuff from you. When nothing good manifests, he may be forced to give you a new job description at Good Music, which may be mopping of the floor of the studio. This evil will not befall you. If you believe it, type amen.

D’Banj, pride is the worst enemy of any man who wishes to last longer anywhere. A drop of arrogance may work, but pride is detrimental. You were called the ‘entertainer’ because you offered entertainment. Today, Inyanya, Kcee, Flavour, Wizkid and Davido are doing better. Imagine Burna-Boy, chai, that boy has some senses oh. His music, even when he is talking nonsense makes you want to sit and listen or dance to it, as the case may be. The only person that is yet to outshine you is my dearest sister, Tontolet Dike. That girl needs Jesus.

I have to go back to my drink. I paid for it and it is almost missing me. I enjoy your struggle or hustle, as you may choose to call it. I wish to hear something profound from you. While awaiting that miracle that only you can perform, I wish you the very best of life.

Your admirer,
Nwilo bura-Bari Vincent

Stephen "Steverock" Edoka

Stephen “Steverock” Edoka

Steverock real names Stephen Edoka is the fastest rising RnB/ pop artiste in Nigeria now. A native of Benue state and a graduate of English Literature from the University of Maiduguri, the Idoma-born handsome artiste is set to take the pop music scene by storm with his latest club banger “MAMA UJU”. Steverock who is from the same tribe with Tuface Idibia (Idoma) has worked with the likes of 2baba himself, Iceprince, Vector, W4, Pherowshuz, Cartair to mention but a few, since he started doing music professionally some 8 years ago.
He broke into the Nigerian music scene in 2009 when he released his addictive single “juju” in Abuja and Benue. It enjoyed wide airplay in major radio stations in the North as well as earned him his first series of concerts.
Streverock moved to Nigeria’s Entertainment capital Lagos in 2010 following the likes of Psquare, Mode9, MI, Nigga Raw who migrated to the Centre of Excellence, a city where every artiste who wants to make it big resides. While in lagos, steverock dropped another single which features Choc boi rapper Ice prince titled “SUPERFLY”, produced by Dbanj records ace producer J-sleek, and went ahead to release the video which was directed by Clarence Peters few weeks later. The video became a toast on popular music stations across the continent such as Soundcity, Music Africa, Nigezie, Mtv Base and Channel O.

At the end of 2012, Steverock released to the delight of his fans a hiphop single titled SHOW FOR YOUR EYES where he collaborated with the finest hiphop heads in the industry- Pherowshuz, Cartair, Vector, Terry tha rap man and Morell. This joint which had over 20,000 downloads on the first day of its release, was rated as one of the ‘tightest’ hiphop collabos on the streets in 2012. He went ahead to drop yet another joint, this time a melodious song “BEAUTIFUL” for the ladies and was produced by Popito.
Steverock’s latest effort is a club banger titled “MAMA UJU” which dropped on the 21st of April, 2013 and is presently enjoying airplay on major radio stations in Lagos and Abuja. He is working on the release of his debut album later this year.

Stephanie Oduenyi, CEO Makani Couture

Stephanie Oduenyi, CEO Makani Couture

It is a general principle that “All things are created twice”, first in the mind and then in the physical. In Stephanie’s mind, she had created her own fashion enterprise even before she entered the University. Her only challenge was how to make it reality. With the kind of father she has- “The Onosolueze”, traditional Prime Minister of Awkuzu in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State, she knew she had to present a University degree to her parents if ever her dream is to be replicated in reality.
She attended Madonna University Okija where she graduated in 2008 with a degree in Microbiology, and during her service in 2009, she set up her own blog ( )- an avenue for her to communicate everything she knew about fashion, celebrity gossip and general entertainment. It didnt take long before traffic hit her site; sooner than she had expected, but her dream of owning a fashion boutique never evaporated.
Then ideas started swinging in. She thought, “Why do i have to own a boutique and sample other peoples designs when i can actually make my own designs? ” That gave birth to Makani Couture
Makani Couture is a Plus-size fashion outfit, primed with designing contemporary apparel styles that flatter the curves of plus-sized individuals. It seeks to redefine what is considered attractive and fashionable in the fashion industry especially for the Big, Bold and Beautiful, hoping to create a plus-size modelling runway in the nearest future. Makani couture makes unique dresses, jump suits, ankara hand bags and clutch bags, ankara shoes and slippers and so many other accessories.
makani couture makani couture ankara bags(1) makani couture
“I am plus-size. I know the issues involved in trying to be trendy and staying fashionable, I know the challenge in buying clothes that fit and clothes that are cute enough to draw attention. We have seen much of super skinny models grace the run-way, so i want to start seeing plus size run-way models go international too. I am not preaching obesity; I still say, if you are big, eat lightly, exercise well and stay healthy, but in a situation where you can’t do away with the fat, what do you do? Obviously everyone can’t be slim, so that is why i have decided to carve out a niche for the plus size with designs that would make them look confident, yet beautiful”, explains Stephanie.
Stephanie Oduenyi

Stephanie Oduenyi

Makani Couture has participated in a lot of mini-fashion exhibitions in Lagos but most prominently was the Anambra Fashion Week held in December 2012, at Marble Ark Hotel Awka, that saw Makani win the best designer of the day.
makani couture makani couture makani couture makani makani makani
“I am working on my fashion and entertainment magazine. I have had a couple of interviews with lots of big players in the fashion industry in the past, but i kinda put it on hold, cos i am saddled with a lot of projects now. I won’t give out further information for now, but be rest assured that it is something every fashion lover out there would be happy about…”
E mail :
Website :
Visit and like facebook page :
Twiiter : @stephnelo
Stephanie Oduenyi

By Joy Bewaji

In review, let’s take a look at the sexiest celebrities of 2012…
From brains to busts to business sense and butts, perfect manners to a polished image; sultry demeanour to striking confidence; incredibly sexy, and a flawless sense of style. Brilliant success in their fields, and good public persona…these are the Top 5 hottest Celebrity Women on this side of the planet!

Genevieve Nnaji
It seems “Ms. Nigerian Sweetheart”, Genevieve Nnaji, has been hugging the spotlight forever. We never get tired of seeing her beautiful smile on blogs and on the pages of magazines. Genevieve gets more attractive with age. She’s the girl-next-door with beauty that seems unsullied and virtuous. With all the beauty enhancements rumours – bleaching tablets, to boob jobs and butt pads in the entertainment industry, Genevieve remains an unblemished beauty, free of nips and tucks. We can imagine her in her 50s still looking as amazing as when she marked her 33rd birthday. We love her style – ingenious, easy and yet sophisticated.
genevieve nnaji

Tolu Oniru (Toolz)
Meet Toolz, the most liked on-air-personality and the girl with the most mind-boggling figure in the world! Toolz is like the carving of a goddess, something Michelangelo could have sculpted in his days. Men (even women!) wonder what she’d look like naked because it is almost inconceivable for anyone to be created with every feminine attribute in generous proportion like she has. This makes the OAP the most wanted Nigerian woman alive! Every Nigerian man would want to, at least kiss her hand and ask how it must feel to come in such a body worthy of worship. With a killer body comes a killer career. There’s nobody as good as Toolz on the radio on a hot Lagos afternoon.

Kemi Adetiba
Kemi is classic beauty. Her sexiest feature is her intellect; not forgetting her newly svelte figure, something she acquired through a lot of discipline and hard work. That, too, adds to her résumé as one of Nigeria’s most sought-after beauty. An inspiring go-getter, Kemi continues to push the boundaries, succeeding in almost every area of entertainment and still able to look like a princess at the underbelly of sheer diligence and industry. She knows a thing or two about everything in the world – politics, basketball, music – name it, and has served brilliantly on and off the camera as one of the able presenters and hosts of radio and TV programmes. Guys love Kemi because she seems like she could roll up in a shirt and watch football with him all night, and still be as sexy as ever the next morning!
kemi adetiba

Tiwa Savage
That good-girl face attached to that bad-girl body is a winner anyday! It is easy for people to hate on Tiwa because…really it’s just not fair! How can she be so beautiful and then can actually sing?! Isn’t she supposed to be dumb and shallow and stupid? I understand the pain of having to look at one of the most beautiful black-skinned woman who actually has real talent; an amazing combination that can easily intimidate. And for every song Tiwa belts out, whether dressed in an apron or in cat-woman get-up or iro and buba, she comes out looking more beautiful and having other women’s men drool over her!

Damilola Adegbite
The actress transformed right in front of our eyes, graduating from just a regular TV star to a sexy screen siren. It’s exactly the way we want an actress to look – great looks with a personality and style that seems to evolve. The sexy thing about Damilola is that her private life isn’t splashing all over tabloids. So there’s still a mystery to her that keeps us guessing, and men do find that very attractive.
damilola adegbite

Below is the hottest “meal” ever! The top 5 celebrity men on this part of the globe who make our hearts skip!

Chris Attoh
Chris Attoh was created on a Sunday! God took his time- moulded his nose, shaped his lips, put a sexy blush to his skin, and voila! One of the most handsome creatures on the face of the earth was made! Chris has had his hands in the entertainment pie for a while. He has worked as an OAP in Ghana’s Groove FM and Choice FM, and also on “Show Time” a TV show in Ghana. But we all know him and fell in love with him as a cast on Tinsel.
chris attoh

Peter (Psquare)
One-half of the P-square sensation is a sex symbol! Peter has a body sculpted like a god. He takes his time to look good, and it shows anytime he takes off his shirt, which he does quite often. Being so ridiculously sexy is a lot of hard work, and the ladies appreciate it!
Peter of Psquare amazed by heavy turn out

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu
Ebuka is a complete package of looks, style, brains, and finesse. The dude can be anything he wishes to be. He is vast in politics, sound in entertainment, and a lawyer; a red-carpet delight, cerebral and sharp-witted. It’s a package that comes one in a hundred men! And there’s also that sense of modesty that makes him oh-so sexy! Ebuka is the dude you want to wake up next to; every woman wants a smart guy not too far away from her!

If Lynxxx didn’t make it to the top 5, it’ll be a crime. He is the epitome of the perfect male form. A very good looking guy – the kind of guy that you think his looks is just enough, why does he need to be brainy or talented? Now that is what makes Lynxxx an exception, his talent is just as delightful as his appearance.

Flavour N’abania
Have you seen Flava bare-chested? Is it not the most gorgeous display ever? Flava’s music is embellished with the musician’s well-kept body – lithe, slim, with muscle contours and outlines in all the right places. He is our newest crush and we just had to show him off! His music and his beautiful abs are worth more than silver and gold.

Source: Thisday

The Central Intelligence Agency was established to scuttle and derail potential challengers to America’s economic hegemony. Choking and paralysing most potential challengers result from subjecting these countries to endless social crisis, hardship, torture, fear, and psychological warfare. And confirming this strategy, former CIA Director of Plans, Richard Bissell, said, ”The CIA’s interface with the rest of the world needs to be better promoted through our friends in foreign governments….We need repression if we hope to divide these societies into owners and slaves. We need to put the people under continual duress and in a perpetual state of imbalance, so that confused and demoralised, apathy on a massive scale will result.”

Populated by psychopaths and neo-fascist occultists, this ultra-clandestine secret society has its operations likened to the mad sadistic-hedonism of Caligula, where the initiated maintain permanent silence. But should anyone muster the courage to reveal what goes on in the CIA’s underworld, embarrassing blackmail, intimidation, disappearance or assassination awaits the offender. Raising puppets and fronts to be planted in governments and sensitive private sectors around the world enables the CIA to control most nations. Also with such astonishing secrecy, sleeper operatives freely operate in spaces like universities, colleges, mega-churches, nightclubs, public parks, hotels and hospitals.

That this monster created by President Harry Truman in 1947 on the insistence of the Rockefeller brothers is an empire within an empire shouldn’t be surprising, especially given the freehand with which it operates. Little wonder, even though officially financed through the budgets of the Pentagon and Departments of State and Justice, thriving in its dirty world, the CIA’s unofficial financing is believed to come from money laundering, terrorism, extrajudicial killings, drug trafficking, prostitution, kidnapping, human trafficking, gambling and illegal arms and oil sales. With this, the CIA is above the law.

Home to the world’s best and most sought-after oil, the CIA-led western vultures have schemed, cajoled, bullied, cheated, sabotaged and mercilessly and ruthlessly controlled Nigeria. And Washington has no regrets for having turned this would-have-been African giant into a desolate state. Or shouldn’t the price of plundering its $3 trillion oil wealth since 1958 worth these Machiavellian-Darwinian fittest actions? In this western-led survival of the fittest world, should it be a problem that the weak is terrorised by the powerful, let alone eavesdropping on their governments’ communications? Why should Washington bother that the CIA’s beaming electromagnetic frequencies and creating electromagnetic fences could modify the mental state of top government officials in these weak states, especially when that benefits Washington? Or who cares if the CIA’s discharging of psychotronic generators could cause central nervous system damage and Trisomy 21, a chromosome abnormality associated with severe intellectual and personality impairment?

Shouldn’t the taking of our few patriots hostage to smoothen western looters’ operations be what the CIA should be doing? That some morally bankrupt Nigerians are used to dominate its economic and political affairs isn’t okay. Why should it bother the strongest that as a result of these, Nigeria is today a desolate country, a graveyard of disenfranchised population with broken dreams?

No doubt, Joseph Nye was right when he revealed that actually the strongest export to the weak totalitarian democracy is a dummy democracy where not the elected politicians, but some smuggled in technocrats, run the economy. How America today imposes its puppets on us was how Britain imposed its puppets on America. This led Thomas Jefferson in 1800 to angrily warn, “Single act of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of the day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers too plainly proves a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing us to slavery.”

Of course, being angry because your country’s wealth is being plundered by a ‘big thief’ is understandable. But, shouldn’t the discovery that some worse mayhem has been committed by the same thief be a source of relief? Or how should disgracing a sitting French President, Charles de Gaulle, out of office in April 1969 for daring  to challenge the dollar’s global de facto excesses be qualified? What about the overthrow of Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in August 1953 simply for nationalising the Iranian oil industry? Or was Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenez not overthrown in 1954 by the CIA because he was reforming his country’s land; a policy that would have reduced the land occupied by Rockefeller’s United Fruit Company in the country?

Have we forgotten the ‘Jesus-like’ torture and brutal murder of Patrice Émery Lumumba in January 1961 because he was promoting economic nationalism in his newly independent Congo? What about the case of Africa’s foremost continental nationalist, Kwame Nkrumah, of Ghana, who was overthrown in February 1966 and poisoned in April 1972 for dreaming to have a United States of Africa? Getting finally home: Wasn’t Murtala Muhammed assassinated in February 1976 simply because he was championing the nationalisation of Nigeria’s oil industry?

But there’s a take home optimism for us. That is, that rather than the CIA advancing Nigeria’s breakup, it’s actually the reverse that it’s pursuing. That can’t be truer, given that the CIA’s trademark is deception. With this said, let’s now proceed to rationalise why it is true.

First, dissolving the present Nigeria prejudiced toward promoting Washington’s imperial interests would mean Washington shooting itself in the foot; afterall Nigeria’s rivalry status as a result of leading the ECOWAS Monitoring Group has since been removed with the formation of the Africa Crises Response Initiative by Washington as a parallel military counterforce.

Second, rather than breaking up Nigeria or helping to block China’s growing influence in Africa’s largest oil and gas producer, in fact, will achieve the opposite. Or shouldn’t the-would-be-emergent micro nation-states be more nationalist interest-driven and more pro-China in their business dealings since they should be more interested in maximising national self-interests? Or is the present scramble for puppets and protégée positions by Nigerian leaders not more beneficial to Washington?

Third, in the world of realpolitik, shouldn’t the CIA be more afraid of an Igbo nation-state, a Yoruba nation-state, a Northern Nigeria nation-state, and a Niger Delta nation-state than today’s Nigeria, at least given that they will fiercely oppose the United States looting their natural resources? In short, the dissolution of Nigeria would also mean for Washington the end of divide and rule, since the microstates could emerge indivisible states.

Finally, in all this confusion, let’s not forget that the present-day crisis-ridden Nigeria has benefitted Washington enormously. Not only Nigeria’s whopping $10 billion spent just in two years to fight Boko Haram went into US technology equipment procurement purchases, but also the training of Nigeria’s antiterrorist personnel and the hiring of FBI field experts. The huge cost is not only money, but also America’s unlimited access to Nigeria’s top national security files and archives.

While we couldn’t do much to stop this ever-powerful modern-day Caesar, the truth is that nature is already revenging on our behalf. Looking around today! What do we see than that the same way original Caesar ended that is how the present-day fake Caesar is about ending? Vocally speaking against this Machiavellian-Darwinian attitude, Buddha reminds us that ”Whoever tries to seek happiness through hurting others can neither find happiness nor his children.” Also one of the laws of physics which tells that action and reaction are equal and opposite is already catching up with the American Empire. Today, America’s vast empire built on plunder is fast crumbling, and soon the world will wake to a Chinese century. When that happens, the speed with which the world will forget that there was once a roaring CIA is unimaginable.


Sir Emeka Offor’s US$250,000 gift funds fellowships to Rotary’s international network of Peace Centers EVANSTON, Ill., USA (Oct. 1, 2012)

Sir Emeka Offor, a prominent Nigerian business leader and philanthropist, has contributed US$250,000 to Rotary International in support of the humanitarian group’s global program in peace studies and conflict resolution. The gift will endow fellowships to the Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand.
The program each year offers a three-month professional development certificate in peace and conflict studies to up to 50 mid-level professionals from related fields, such as public health, education, international law, economic development, journalism, and social justice. Preference will be given to qualified applicants from Nigeria and other African countries.
The other five Rotary Centers for International Studies offer one-to-two year graduate level programs on the campuses of leading universities in Australia, England, Japan, Sweden, and the United States.
“My hope is that the fellows who benefit from this gift will not only use it to sharpen and enhance their academic and professional skills in peace studies, but also use what they learn and internalize to become practitioners – drum majors – for peace, reconciliation, and development,” said Offor, who is Executive Vice Chairman of the Chrome Group, an Abuja-based oil and gas service conglomerate. He also heads the Sir Emeka Offor Foundation, which focuses on poverty alleviation through literacy and education programs in West Africa’s poorest communities. “In West Africa we have witnessed the destructive, heart-wrenching, and deadly affects that communal, sectarian, and political conflict and violence have on innocent people,” added Offor, a member of the Rotary Club of Awka G.R. A. “We should never give in to the notion that world peace is unattainable.” Said Rotary Foundation Chair Wilfrid Wilkinson: “We are extremely grateful for Sir Emeka Offor’s generous gift recognizing our commitment to equip a network of world leaders with the skills to resolve and prevent conflict and bring about sustainable peace. Thanks to such strong support, nearly 700 Peace Center alumni are currently applying lessons learned and best practices in key decision-making positions across the globe.” Rotary clubs have long embraced the call for peace at the grassroots level by addressing the underlying causes of conflict and violence, such as hunger, poverty, disease, and illiteracy.
Ten years ago, the international humanitarian organization of service clubs decided to take a direct approach to world understanding by providing future leaders with the tools they need to “wage peace” on the global stage. In addition to the certificate program in Thailand, Rotary clubs each year sponsor up to 60 scholars for one to two years of study to earn master’s-level degrees at the Rotary Centers for International Studies at Uppsala University, Sweden; University of Bradford, England; University of Queensland, Australia; International Christian University, Japan; and Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA Offor also supports Rotary’s effort to eradicate the crippling disease polio, the organization’s top priority as a spearheading member of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. Nigeria is one of only three countries where the wild poliovirus has never been stopped. The other polio endemic countries are Afghanistan and Pakistan. When the initiative began, polio infected about 350,000 children a year, compared with fewer than 700 for all of 2011, a case reduction of more than 99 percent.
Source: Rotary International USA


Earlier this year, Rio Ferdinand famously missed out being selected for Euro 2012 due to “football reasons”. It created quite a stir as his omission was suspected to have had something to do with John Terry and his racial row with his brother Anton Ferdinand.

But with Terry retiring suddenly last week, rumours have resurfaced about Ferdinand returning to the national team, so much that it made Roy Hodgson regrettably announced that Ferdinand’s international career is as good as over.

“I have to say it is over for him and England. It has got to be the end of the road. He is pushing 34 and hasn’t played for England for a long, long time”- Roy Hodgson

How true is that? Is Rio Ferdinand really not good enough for the England team anymore?

To try and prove this statement, let us look at the statistics from the other central defenders that have been called up to the England squad and see whether they are more deserving of a place than Rio is.

Using statistical comparison from Opta Stats, I will compare Ferdinand’s overall performances so far this season to Stoke City’s Ryan Shawcross, Manchester City’s Joleon Lescott, Everton’s Phil Jagielka and Chelsea’s Gary Cahill.


While it has only been 6 games into the season, only Shawcross and Jagielka have played in all 6 games for their teams. Ferdinand, Lescott and Cahill have 4 appearances each. Ferdinand has conceded the most goals amongst all of them, with 1.5 goals conceded per game. While this can be an unfair reflection of the player because the entire team, defence and goalkeeper should be responsible for a goal being conceded, they cannot be entirely absolved from their defensive responsibilities as well.

It should also be pointed out that Cahill has played only 279 minutes so far in the Premier League this season, almost half of what Shawcross and Jagielka has played, and 80 minutes (almost the duration of an entire game) less than Ferdinand. Evidently, how much time each player gets on the pitch is seemingly not a main criteria for getting into the England squad (as of now, at least).


In terms of defending, at first glance, Shawcross seems the dominant player here, surpassing the other players in the quantity of tackles and challenges made. He has made 29 ground 50-50 challenges, 32 aerial 50-50 challenges and 16 tackles, way more than any other player shown in the table. This is probably a numerical insight into Shawcross’ impressive performances so far this season.

However, in terms of quality, Shawcross pales in comparison to Ferdinand. Ferdinand has won 94% of his 16 ground 50-50s compared to Shawcross’ 69%, he won 82% of his 11 aerial 50-50 challenges compared to Shawcross’ 66% and has a tackle success rate of 81.82%, compared to Shawcross’ 68.75%. Ferdinand has also made more interceptions than Shawcross in a shorter time period (Ferdinand has 11 successful tackles in 359 minutes, while Shawcross has 10 successful tackles in 540 minutes). In fact, Ferdinand has the best ground 50-50, aerial 50-50, tackling and interception statistics amongst the 4 other central defenders.

The inference here would be that Ferdinand is the most competent at defending as compared to those that had been picked for the national squad over him. If the criteria were based purely on defensive ability, wouldn’t Ferdinand have already been picked for the England team?


From Table 3, we can see that Ferdinand and Lescott are far superior in their passing as compared to the Shawcross, Jagielka and Cahill. Not only do they have the highest number of total accurate passes (Ferdinand made 215 accurate passes while Lescott made 222 accurate passes), their percentage of pass completion (Ferdinand has 92.67% pass completion rate and Lescott has 92.12% pass completion rate) is the highest as well. This can be rationalized from the way their teams play. Manchester United and Manchester City, being the more superior teams, they usually dominate games and keep possession better, so naturally the defenders from these teams like Ferdinand and Lescott would have a higher than average passing rate.

We should note that Shawcross, despite playing the most number of minutes, has the least number of passes (only 82 passes) and the lowest pass completion rate (only 68.33% pass completion rate). While some might say that his quality is less superior to the others, we should take into account Stoke City’s more direct style of play, where balls are being thrown forward more regularly than other teams. This can be proven in the table, as we see that Shawcross’ open play pass forwards is a whopping 73%, far greater that the other players. This could explain his misleadingly lower pass completion rate.

Nevertheless, this table has shown Ferdinand to be in equal stead, if not better, than the other players who were selected ahead of him.

Goal Attempts          

While defenders are not usually renowned for their attacking prowess, it is definitely advantageous and important at times to have a defender who has a knack for scoring the odd-goals, especially in set pieces.

From the table, only Cahill and Lescott have scored so far this season. Cahill scored on his first appearance of the season in the 4-2 win over Reading while Lescott scored in the 1-1 draw against Arsenal. Jagielka scored his first goal for England (a diving header) during a 2-1 friendly victory over Italy in August this year. While Shawcross may not have scored this season, he has scored a few goals in the Premier League over the seasons, so the potential to score an odd goal is definitely there. As for Ferdinand, he has not scored in over 4 seasons in the Premier League, and expecting one from him can be considered a little miracle.

Still, I do believe that as important as scoring goals are, it is not really that significant of a criterion in determining if a defender would get in the England squad.

Lescott and Jagielka – England’s current first choice center backs?


From the statistics shown, we can see that, by and large, Ferdinand is still on par (and better in some aspects even) with the other players, especially in terms of defending and passing.

Had the decision to pick the central defenders be based solely on the statistics mentioned earlier, it would be a cardinal sin not to have included Ferdinand in the team. Furthermore, with Terry out of the picture, the central defence would not have that wealth of experience that Ferdinand can provide.

However, based on Hodgson’s quote regarding Ferdinand, it seems the biggest factors going against him are his age and fitness. At 34, Ferdinand’s persistent back problems have been a concern for the past couple of seasons, and he has had the more than occasional muscle strain or pull within the same time period as well. In all honesty, there can be no assurances of his fitness being kept consistent for a prolonged period of time. Hence, that could probably be the main factor that made Hodgson decide not to call him up.

No doubt Rio Ferdinand definitely deserves to be called up to the national squad. But his proneness to injury is probably too much of a risk for Hodgson to want to take. This is coupled with the fact that other players like Shawcross have shown through their performances this season that they at least deserve a shot at playing at center back for England.

By Ahmad Khan