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epeagba 4

I just saw this post on Linda Ikeji’s Blog about the death of one of my secondary school mates at Oraifte Boys’. He is Asaba-based Nollywood actor and Location Manager Chinedu Epeagba who is alleged to have died from complications triggered by a Chinese slimming tea. I don’t know how true this is, but a statement by one of the doctors that treated him suggests Chinedu, also known as Dabebe died as a result of complications from the slimming tea;

 “Our preliminary investigation, backed with scientific presentations from the last doctor that treated him in Onitsha, shows that Dabebe died from complications triggered by the made in China slimming tea, which he started drinking in July. This tea, medicine or whatever, gradually destroyed all his internal organs and by the time he became too weak and got rushed to the hospital, his body couldn’t respond to treatment; organs were ruined already. The sad news is that Dabebe, that promising young man, is dead.”

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May his gentle soul rest in peace, Amen!


nicki minaj illuminati

i know this’s been there for a while now but i kinda stumbled on it  today and thought i should blog it…at least for the sake of those who haven’t seen it yet. Is Nicki Minaj for real?


oversabi news
According to news reaching Oversabi Republic, widows and relatives of the policemen who were slain a few days ago by what is as of now alleged to be members of the “Ombatse cult” group have blocked major access road in Akwanga; a town between Kwffi and Lafia. Commuters travelling that route are stranded as the widows blocked the road completely not allowing any vehicle to pass through.
According to our source, the widows who started their protest yesterday, blocked the road and did not open it until 8pm in the night. They say they wont open the road today until 7.30pm. The protesting widows do not plan their stop until the federal government intervene.

suarez bite ivanovic
As the saying goes…”No sin goes unpunished”, and that is exactly what the English FA have done by handing controversial Liverpool striker Luiz Suarez a 10 game ban for his astonishing bite attack on Branislav Ivanovic in the premiership game against Chelsea on sunday. This means that Luis Suarez will not play football again until September.
The striker accepted a charge from the FA for violent conduct on Tuesday but took the bizarre step, backed by his club, of making it clear to the governing body that they will appeal should the independent disciplinary commission have decided upon a more severe punishment than the standard three-match suspension.
A statement on the FA website said: ‘Luis Suarez has been suspended for a total of ten matches after an Independent Regulatory Commission today ruled on a charge of violent conduct.
Luis Suarez will not play football again until September after he was hit with an 10-match ban for his astonishing bite attack on Branislav Ivanovic.
The striker accepted a charge from the FA for violent conduct on Tuesday but took the bizarre step, backed by his club, of making it clear to the governing body that they will appeal should the independent disciplinary commission have decided upon a more severe punishment than the standard three-match suspension.
A statement on the FA website said: ‘Luis Suarez has been suspended for a total of ten matches after an Independent Regulatory Commission today ruled on a charge of violent conduct.
Watch the video of the bite here:

madonna university okija campus

madonna university okija campus

Residents of Wole Madariola Street, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos have been asking questions about what pushed Chidike Oyeka, a graduate of Madonna University, Okija, to stab himself repeatedly thereby taking his own life. Chidike on April 19, 2013, took a kitchen knife and stabbed himself repeatedly until his intestines were disemboweled.
madonna graduate Chidike Oyeka
He had just concluded his National Youth Service Corps program and a relative, who wished to remain anonymous, said the 25-year-old had been depressed for some time.

She said, “He did his NYSC in Delta State and only returned in February. Upon returning, he started to act strangely and we noticed that he was no longer sociable. Most times he would sit at a corner by himself and when we asked him what was wrong, he would say he was not happy. When the symptom became persistent, his parents took him to a hospital but nothing was discovered to be wrong with him, so we took him back home and continued to monitor him.”

Narrating what transpired on the day the victim died, the relative said it happened after everyone had gone to sleep.

She said he went into the kitchen, took a kitchen knife and stabbed himself three times.

She said, “I do not know the time it happened exactly but everyone had gone to bed while he stayed in the parlour. Around midnight, he was found lying in a pool of blood and the knife soaked in blood.

“His intestines were on the floor as well. From what we deduced, he stabbed himself three times without screaming because no one heard any noise. At daybreak, we went to Aguda Police Station to report the matter.”

Source: Punch

comunal clashes in borno
Fighting between Nigeria’s military and Islamic extremists killed at least 185 people in a fishing community in the nation’s far northeast, officials said Sunday, an attack that saw insurgents fire rocket-propelled grenades and soldiers spray machine-gun fire into neighborhoods filled with civilians.

The fighting in Baga began Friday and lasted for hours, sending people fleeing into the arid scrublands surrounding the community on Lake Chad. By Sunday, when government officials finally felt safe enough to see the destruction, homes, businesses and vehicles were burned throughout the area.

The assault marks a significant escalation in the long-running insurgency Nigeria faces in its predominantly Muslim north, with extremists mounting a coordinated assault on soldiers using military-grade weaponry.

Authorities had found and buried at least 185 bodies as of Sunday afternoon, said Lawan Kole, a local government official in Baga. He spoke haltingly to Borno state Gov. Kashim Shettima in the Kanuri language of Nigeria’s northeast, surrounded by still-frightened villagers.

Brig. Gen. Austin Edokpaye, also on the visit, did not dispute the casualty figures. Edokpaye said the extremists used heavy machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades in the assault, which began after soldiers surrounded a mosque they believed housed members of the radical Islamic extremist network Boko Haram.

Edokpaye said extremists used civilians as human shields during the fighting — implying that soldiers opened fire in neighborhoods where they knew civilians lived.

“‘When we reinforced and returned to the scene the terrorists came out with heavy firepower, including (rocket-propelled grenades), which usually has a conflagration effect,” the general said.

Sunday afternoon, the burned bodies of cattle and goats still filled the streets. Bullet holes marred burned buildings.

“Everyone has been in the bush since Friday night; we started returning back to town because the governor came to town today,” grocer Bashir Isa said. “To get food to eat in the town now is a problem because even the markets are burnt. We are still picking corpses of women and children in the bush and creeks.”

The Islamic insurgency in Nigeria grew out of a 2009 riot led by Boko Haram members in Maiduguri that ended in a military and police crackdown that killed some 700 people. The group’s leader died in police custody in an apparent execution. From 2010 on, Islamic extremists have engaged in hit-and-run shootings and suicide bombings, attacks that have killed at least 1,548 people before Friday’s attack, according to an AP count.

Boko Haram, which means “Western education is sacrilege” in the Hausa language of Nigeria’s north, has said it wants its imprisoned members freed and Nigeria to adopt strict Shariah law across the multiethnic nation of more than 160 million people. While the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan has started a committee to look at the idea of offering an amnesty deal to extremist fighters, Boko Haram’s leader Abubakar Shekau has dismissed the idea out of hand in messages.

Despite the deployment of more soldiers and police to northern Nigeria, the nation’s weak central government has been unable to stop the killings. Meanwhile, human rights groups and local citizens blame both Boko Haram and security forces for committing violent atrocities against the local civilian population, fueling rage in the region.

Source: AP


Kano Blast Kano Blast 2
Over 30 innocent Nigerians have been sent to their early grave on Monday evening at about 6pm in the city of Kano after multiple explosions went off at a motor park in the popular Newroad area of Sabongari district. According to an eye witness, an Improvised Explosive Device, IED, was planted near the park causing one of the buses to go up in flames. The luxurious bus was was said to be headed for the Eastern part of the country. The Boko Haram sect is being fingered in this atrocious crime.

nigeria police-
Dozens of bodies found floating in Ezu River, at the border between Anambra and Enugu states, were men seized and extra-judicially executed by a deadly police special anti-robbery squad, a civil society network has said in a report.
The International Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law said its findings showed the bodies were those of illegally arrested members of the public, robbery and kidnapping suspects, and members of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB.
The victims were executed without investigation, prosecution, and sentencing, the non-governmental organization, which has carried out several reports and evaluation of police abuses, said.
The unidentified bodies were first found on January 19 as villagers of Amansea, the community near the river, went early morning to fetch water from the community’s only drinking source.
The horror has shocked the nation and the world, but surprisingly the federal government has yet to make a pronouncement on the case.
While the villagers said the bodies numbered more than 30, police insists they were less than 20.
MASSOB had earlier claimed the bodies were those of its members who went missing months after police took them into custody. Police has denied the claim.
The International Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law said it spoke with several relatives of missing family members, and community sources which pointed at the SARS, a deadly unit of the police often accused of abuses.
“What are the whereabouts of the nine MASSOB activists transferred to SARS from the Onitsha Area Command since 8th day of December, 2012? Were they granted interim bail? If yes, who were their sureties and where are the records with which they were granted bail,” the group asked in a report signed by its chairman, Emeka Umeagbalasi.
“Were the detainees arraigned in either courts of inferior records or in courts of superior records? If yes, which divisions of the courts in Anambra State and at what dates?
“What was their fate after the courts’ charges or arraignments? Were they granted bails or remanded in prisons’ custodies? If yes who were their sureties or which prisons or police stations were they remanded and by which courts and dates? Are they still being detained by SARS without being charged to, or arraigned in courts? If yes, which of the SARS units are they being detained?”
The group called on the federal government to make a categorical statement on the case, and order investigation while ensuring payment of compensation to the families involved.

fire at american street onitsha
Nobody knows how the mystery fire started on sunday in the palatial home of the Mr. And Mrs. Boniface Ndubuisi. Sympathisers only came and met the bodies of the multi-billionaire couple, who just returned home from abroad, in the bathroom of their 2, Arinze Lane, off Okolo Street, American Quarters, Onitsha, Anambra State home.

The building was said to have been razed before fire fighters could gain access into the compound. The couple’s valuables, worth billions of Naira, reportedly went with the fire. In a tension-soaked atmosphere on sunday, tongues wagged over the likely cause of the fire. An eyewitness could not fathom how and where the fire started in the one-storey building, but confirmed that it started about 4am.

The couple, it was learnt, had six children; three in America, two in Abuja and one in Lagos. The eyewitness said the couple’s bodies were found inside their bathroom, clinging unto each other. The Divisional Police Officer, Onitsha Central Police Station, Mr Tope Fasugba has visited the scene with his men. He said the incident is being investigated.

The police, it was learnt, have taken the bodies to the morgue in Onitsha. Many blamed the incident on power surge from Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN). Fire fighters strived to prevent the fire from spreading to other compounds.

Members of Parliament tonight overwhelming endorsed historic legislation that will give gay couples the equal right to marry.
Almost half a century after homosexuality was legalised in Britain the House of Commons voted by a majority of 400 to 175 to redefine marriage and make it available to all.
But the Tory rebellion was larger than expected with initial indications suggesting that more Conservative MPs voted against equal marriage than in favour. There were 75 abstentions.
Nick Clegg hailed the vote as a “landmark for equality in Britain” which showed “no matter who you are and who you love, we are all equal” while Ed Miliband said it was “an important step forward in the fight for equality in Britain”.
But seven hours of intense and often heartfelt debate revealed deep divisions on both sides of the House over the proposals.
Dozens of Conservatives, including a cabinet minister, defied the appeals of David Cameron to vote against changing the law claiming it would impinge upon religious freedoms.
A number of Labour and Liberal Democrats also chose to vote against the Bill that now faces a bruising passage through committee and the House of Lords before almost certainly becoming law later this year.
To the dismay of gay marriage supporters neither David Cameron nor the string of senior Conservative ministers who have recently come out to back the change sat in the Commons as the Culture Secretary Maria Miller outlined the Government’s plans.
In recent days Mr Cameron has also declined to reiterate his public support for the Bill with Downing Street insisting it was a genuinely free vote.
However an hour before the vote he recorded a last minute television interview saying the move would make society stronger.
“Marriage helps people commit to each other and I think it is right that gay people should be able to get married too,“ he said.
”This is, yes, about equality. But it is also about making our society stronger”
Ms Miller said the bill would allow society to recognise in law that gay couples had the same “depth of feeling, love and commitment” as heterosexual couples.
“I don’t think it’s the role of Government to tell people what to believe,” she said.
“But I do think that Parliament and the state have a responsibility to treat people fairly.”
Unusually she was forcefully backed up by her Labour opposite number Yvette Cooper. While the Labour frontbench strongly support the move a number of their MPs voted against the motion.
“We should not hide discrimination by calling it definition instead,” she said.
“Marriage has changed many times over the centuries…and it should change again.
“Society hasn’t collapsed. If marriage is to stay relevant, to stay important and to remain a crucial part of our family and social relationships, then it also has to remain in tune with the values of every generation
“And that means it should keep up with rightly changing attitudes towards homosexuality too.”
A significant number of gay MPs made passionate and moving speeches urging their colleagues to support the legislation.
The Conservative MP Mike Freer, who was elected to Margaret Thatcher’s old seat of Finchley in 2010 told MPs: “I sit alongside you in committees, in the bars and in the tea rooms.
“I queue alongside you in the division lobbies but when it comes to marriage why are you asking me to stand apart and join a separate queue?
“If I am equal in this House give me every opportunity to be equal. Today we have a chance to set that right.”
The Liberal Democrat MP Stephen Gilbert described the difficulties of growing up as a gay man in Cornwall.
“I am a gay man who grew up in a rural part of our country from a working class background. It was an environment which made it hugely difficult to be open, honest and upfront with my family, friends and fellow workmates.
“That was unacceptable 20 years ago it is unacceptable today. But for many hundreds of thousands of people it remains the case. I think this legislation will send a signal that this house values everybody equally. That signal will deeply affect people like me.”
Other heterosexual MPs also made powerful interventions in favour of the move.
The former Labour minister David Lammy dismissed suggestion that it somehow undermined Christianity.
“The Jesus I know was an illegitimate refugee born with a death sentence on his head,” he said.
“He would stand up for minorities”.
But others expressed strident opposition to the proposal arguing it was a slippery slope that would lead to churches being forced to marry same sex couples. They also pointed out that the measure did not attract widespread national support and had not been any of the party’s manifestos.
“The product of this bill will end up before the courts will end up before the European Court of Human Rights and people of faith will find that faith being trampled on,” said the Conservative MP Roger Gale.
“That to us is intolerable. It is not possible to redefine marriage. Marriage is the union between and man and a woman. It is Alice in Wonderland territory, Orwellian almost for any Government to seek to come along and rewrite the lexicon.”
The Gerald Howarth said: “I believe marriage can only be between a man and a woman and I shall not surrender my principles.I believe this bill is wrong.”
The Labour MP Robert Flello became the first member of his party to pledge to vote against the Bill tonight.
He said: “I’m deeply concerned about the divisions and upset this issue has caused on both sides of the argument. Some of that is because the debate has been characterised as bigoted religion on one hand versus equality on the other.
“Neither of those are true. True Christians are not bigoted and this is actually not a matter of equality, no matter how often it is referred to as equal marriage.
”Civil partnerships are equal to marriage – they might not have the same name but they are equal.
He added the Bill would create two forms of marriage – traditional marriage and same sex marriage – which were still not “equal” with the plans trying to “engineer cultural equivalence”.
55 MPs defied a three line whip to vote against a motion ensuring that the bill can pass smoothly through Parliament without being “talked out”.

Source: TheIndependent