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Dear Oyebanjo, Dapo Daniel AKA D’Banj,I am seated at a local restaurant here at the university town of Nsukka, in Enugu State, Nigeria, drinking a bottle of Fayrouz and listening to the sound of the generator, which is the only source of electricity around here.I have watched your latest music video. I went through the rigour last night. It is the video of the song entitled “Don’t Tell Me Nonsense” and it was awfully disgusting, the song, I mean. Kaffy and the rest of the dancers didn’t disappoint in the video.
This is bad, I know, using awful and disgusting, in same sentence. But that is what I feel about what I saw. Brother, D’Banj, a lot has changed since you left your brother and hustle partner, Ajereh, Michael Collins AKA Don Jazzy. Truth. Your songs have been nothing but trash. I wonder if anyone has said anything nice to you since you started making songs outside Don Jazzy. If they have, it must have been for that singular hit song entitled ‘Oliver Twist.’ Kai! That song swept through Nigeria and the rest of the world. You would not believe that the ordinary child on the streets of Nsukka knows the lyrics of that song and the dance steps too.

In Nigeria, there are plenty factors that weigh us down. One is our inability to manage our weaknesses. I see you have been buying yourself expensive jewelleries. The other day, I saw on Olorisupergal’s blog that you wear a wristwatch worth my entire family and maybe inheritance. I commend your taste. You are a lucky and hardworking man. You deserve it, besides; ‘Oliver Twist’ made marks. It took the Nigerian music to a height that had never been seen in recent times. Its toping charts, downloads, Youtube views and itunes purchases are amongst the few things I can mention.

Dear, D’Banj, Don Jazzy may not be an ideal partner, I bet you, no one is an ideal partner! Perfect couples quarrel and make up. It is the joy of having such union. I believe misunderstanding is part of us, as humans. I will run to the zoo the day I see a union that agrees on almost everything.Back to your music, I feel Don Jazzy was made to make good music with you. He may not only be your producer, but whatever input, from advice, to production, will go a long way. Besides, he has been miserable too, without you. I have seen his eyes in music videos. There is one he did with Tiwa Savage. Ah, Tiwa. She looked dazzling, while Don Jazzy looked wanting and dispirited. Tiwa may have a perfect voice but Don Jazzy has not been able to achieve what he did with you. The other boys, K-Switch, Wande Coal and the goody bag crooner, D’Prince are unfortunate learners.
They must be stark illiterates to have taken sides when you guys parted. I understand their ignorance. But my concern here is, if you wish to stay relevant in the sight of Nigerians, making good music, and not caressing a stripper on stage on your birthday, then you have to make amends with Don Jazzy and understand that people argue because they are beneficial to themselves. Only dummies agree on everything.
I think tribalism had a lot to play in your split. It is a sad reality, if I am right. Tribalism will eventually destroy Nigeria. Our young people think they belong to a superior tribe and so make silly comments which sometimes bring about misconception and then crisis. I once had a boss, who is Igbo, who felt my tribe’s men were lazy, just because she came to my state and saw a job and was privileged to be a high ranking staff. I have had people who think those from the north should be gatekeepers and cobblers. Someone called me a militant once in Abuja, at the Sheraton, when he discovered I was from the Niger-Delta. I forgave his gross stupidity. I think we should drink a cup of water when ignorant people say rubbish about our personalities or flaws and relate it to tribe.
You are a great young man, D’Banj. Few people have attained the height you have. I am encouraged to pursue what I am currently pursuing because I know I will triumph. Your likes and that of 2Face Idibia, despite your weaknesses are heroes. And you must recall that Kanye West met you because he had heard good stuff from you. When nothing good manifests, he may be forced to give you a new job description at Good Music, which may be mopping of the floor of the studio. This evil will not befall you. If you believe it, type amen.

D’Banj, pride is the worst enemy of any man who wishes to last longer anywhere. A drop of arrogance may work, but pride is detrimental. You were called the ‘entertainer’ because you offered entertainment. Today, Inyanya, Kcee, Flavour, Wizkid and Davido are doing better. Imagine Burna-Boy, chai, that boy has some senses oh. His music, even when he is talking nonsense makes you want to sit and listen or dance to it, as the case may be. The only person that is yet to outshine you is my dearest sister, Tontolet Dike. That girl needs Jesus.

I have to go back to my drink. I paid for it and it is almost missing me. I enjoy your struggle or hustle, as you may choose to call it. I wish to hear something profound from you. While awaiting that miracle that only you can perform, I wish you the very best of life.

Your admirer,
Nwilo bura-Bari Vincent

0dbanj as a young boy jaguda
D’BANJ: started forming Oyato way way back
M.I: Many years after, still shorter than this beetle…
 PSQUARE: Xmas day outfit ready to storm Oriental hotel for Industry nite…
DAVIDO: campaign poster for class monitor

TIWA SAVAGE: red carpet moments..under the step!
BLACK FACE &ICE PRINCE: outfit designed by TM Lewin… 
ICE PRINCE: trying to outshine Puff Daddy in swag
WIZKID: junior-v-SENIOR *10 yrs later* SENIOR-v-Junior (na so life be)
2FACE & BLACKFACE: “I wont sit down joor…Haba…is it by force?”
PLANTASHUN BOIZ: can we also auction dis 2face’s outfit for charity?
DAVIDO: this omo baba olowo things don tey sha..
DON JAZZY: When you hear the kick………….
BANKY W: Where did the BIG head finally come from na?

Please does anyone have the childhood pictures of VIC O, MR IBU, VICTOR OSUAGWU….etc I cant wait to see

don jazzy

Mavin records family

Mavin records family

Wednesday, May 8, 2013, marks exactly one year that Michael Collins Ajereh publicly decided to chart a new course for himself with the birth of Mavin Records-home to the Mavin League. It also marks his birthday.

The last 12 months have been clouded with several can he get it right alone? Would he pull it through all by himself?

When news circulated that Don Jazzy and Dbanj had split last year it was also said that he left with all Don Jazzy’s catalogue. Of course everyone thought that would be the end of him.

And considering the obvious fact that the last one year has become symbolic as one of the most trying periods for the Nigerian entertainment industry, it has also become a symbolic year in the life of the man who is now known and well referred to as Don Jazzy.

Not many had given him the slightest opportunity to prove his worth-accusations were flying around-but Don Jazzy remained resolute, determined and undeterred in his decision to break even with the MAVINS. Don
Jazzy has successfully remained relevant, steadfastly cooking up beats-as much as he can, churning out productions that has left the music industry in a state of frenzy. He has bounced back from scratch!

Has he succeeded? That varies largely on your definition of success but with over a dozen hit productions this year-Take Banana, Oma Ga, Amarachi, Goody Bag, Kick, Without my heart, Rotate, Lady Don Dada- in the last one year, one can only pat the beefy producer on the back for daring to dare and standout! He has bounced back from scratch!

From Tiwa Savage to Wande Coal, D’Prince and Dr. Sid, it’s obvious that Don Jazzy has structured a way out for himself and his league of Mavins.

However, only few people want to understand the obvious fact that the 31 year old music producer, whose wizardry has become one of the most talked about revolutions in the Nigerian music industry, remains the regular man who can be caught tweeting on popular micro-blogging network site, Twitter, as Don Jazzy, or the young man that has decided to give back to that major society that has consistently supported him. Without attracting undue possession, the term, IDJA (It’s Don Jazzy Again) became one of Nigeria’s most trending and popular 4-letter word on Twitter.

Although mystery remains his strongest point, Don Jazzy, has left Nigerians-in Nigeria and its diaspora-wondering who and where he hails from.

Michael Collins Ajereh was born on November 26, 1982.A Nigerian Multi award-winning record producer, singer-songwriter, musician, former CEO of Nigerian record label Mo’ Hits Records founded in 2004 and current CEO of the Mavin Records label which he founded in May 2012

In his kitty, Don Jazzy prides himself as a Voice, Fashion and Social Networking guru, Mo’Hits/ G.O.O.D. Music producer, Samsung Deal, Mavin Records, Mavin League, Loya milk endorsement and an awesome production discography record.

Michael had always had a flair for music, singing and playing the drums from the age of 4. He developed a passion for the bass guitar at the age of 12, He went on to study Business Management at the Ambrose Alli
University Ekpoma in Edo stat before he moved to London in the United Kingdom in 2000 after his uncle invited him to come play the drums for the neighborhood Church.

Various odd jobs followed including working at McDonalds and as a security guard. Already imbued with an intimate knowledge of traditional and percussion instruments, Don Jazzy further built on his musical knowledge during his UK stint. Finding fellow kindred spirits in the likes of Solek, JJC, The 419 squad and D’Banj, the gang would spend unrelenting hours practicing, recording and performing different types of music.

Jazzy’s appetite for a full-time career in music could no longer be satiated when, in 2004, he partnered with
D’Banj to set up the Mo’ Hits label. Within two years, the prolific producer had wrapped up two albums (No Long Thing and Rundown/Funk You Up) with his former Mo’ Hits partner and was working on a third, Curriculum Vitae. By this time, he had already started becoming a household name with the trademark intro – It’s Don Jazzy Again!

In 2008 there were further production credits for the best selling album of that year; The Entertainer Don Jazzy repeated the trick with Wande Coal’s Mushin 2 MoHits, an album that was described as one of the
best albums to ever come out of Nigeria

Although not acknowledging himself as a recording artist, he is responsible for doing most Background
Vocals for Artists he produces for and sometimes does complete verses. His musical dexterity can be heard through his beats and well calculated vocals he assists to the likes of D’Banj, Sauce Kid, Dr SID, Ikechukwu, Kween, D’Prince and even Jay-Z and Kanye West on their Watch The Throne track Lift Off, featuring Beyoncé.

In 2011 his talents got him noticed by Kanye West who signed him up as a producer on his GOOD Music label.With over a 100 production tracks to his name, the understated genius has worked with a host of local and international celebrities. In spite of his whirlwind superstardom, Don Jazzy has never forgotten his humble beginnings.

On the wake of the split up of Mohits, Samsung unveiled their “Built for Africa” products and Don Jazzy was
signed on as their spokes person.

On May 8 2012, Don Jazzy said, “The way forward now is to make sure I keep bringing you guys more of the beautiful music you all love to dance to,” He kept his promise of a new beginning, as he announced the birth of Mavin Records.

The multiple award winning producer and philanthropist has activated several fans with several music productions and hit songs leaving It’s Don Jazzy Again, IDJA on the lips of every one that matters. It’s a year now and needless to say Don Jazzy the internationally acclaimed producer,Nigerian multi award winning producer,singer,song writer,CEO Mavins record label, endorsements from Samsung and Loya, philanthropist is in it to win it and he is here to stay!
Congrats Don baba Jay

tiwa in without my heart video ft donjazzy

Mavin Records at its best. Don Jazzy shows why he remains the Don..and Tiwa’s performance in one word is AMAZING! Video was shot in South Africa and directed by Mark Hofmeyr.

don jazzydon jazzy tweet

If the world does not end on 21st December, 2012, then MAVIN records boss Don Jazzy is sure to END what has been quite an interesting but rewarding year on a high by launching his own night club “PoP” in Victoria Island, Lagos, that is, if his post on twitter Thursday night is anything to go by…I mean..if his account was not hacked .**.

Don Jazzy joins the increasing list of celebrity club owners such as 2face, Baskethmouth and Flavour. Just a few weeks ago, the amiable producer sealed a N50million deal with Loya Milk as a brand ambassador, and also acquired a landed property that was said to be worth N160million in Lekki.

*singing* Maga no need pay…for you to own your club….

Incase you have been “dulling ontop bike” or “swimming in the forest”, Chelsea billionaire owner Roman Abramovic “haff” sacked coach Roberto Di Matteo- the man that defied all odds to put the club’s name in the list of Champions league winners for the first time in her history. Now that’s some bad news, innit?, especially for those of us who admire the Italian’s composure on the sidelines, unlike his predecessor Andre Villas-Boas who squats about on the pitch as if “shit dey catch am”.
Now this is the GOOD NEWS! Our own dear Samson SiaSia, former Super Eagles coach, has been given the go ahead by Abramovic to manage the Blues from now till they win the Champions League again. «*Now playing* I HAVE A DREAM by Abba»
His calculation is that last season, Chelsea was on the brink of elimination from the Uefa Champions League (UCL) when he sacked “high profile” AVB and appointed RDM who took his side to the “promise land”. Now after the Champions League defeat to Juventus on Tuesday, which puts them at the highest risk of becoming the first defending champions to be eliminated at the group stages, Abramovic thinks Siasia would do the same magic RDM performed last season. According to our source Don Jazzy, who is a “MAN U” fan, and who’s presently in the studio cooking beats for Wizkid, this info was gotten from a revelation in his dream last night.

Source: LOL


In a major interview post ‘Mo Hits, DB/Good Music/Mercury/IDJ artiste, Dapo Oyebanjo popularly called D’banj, sought to lay to rest various allegations and rumours being peddled about him, in an exclusive interview he granted a Lagos State based radio station, Cool FM.

The artiste, who lists Why Me as his break out song, also spoke on chances of reconciling with former partner and friend Don Jazzy. Asked if there were chances that both parties may reconcile, he said “We can always work together and Don Jazzy still produced some songs on my forthcoming album. Yes we can work together in future. “Maybe a big company can pay a lot of money for us to perform and yes it has to be a lot of money for me.”
Although the separation remains fresh in the minds of the public since the break-up made public in March this year, the singer appeared to be still be nursing the wounds. He appeared overwhelmed with emotions when the interviewer referred to Don Jazzy as his friend. To this he went metaphorical saying, “What do you guys call friends, I mean I had friends for nine years and you guys saw what happened after the divorce. I lost custody of my children (signees) apart from the one I had out of wedlock.”
D’banj also said he was boss of defunct Mo Hits Record by claiming that it was his record label D’Banj (DB) Records that went into partnership with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D and not Mo’Hits.
Ever since the singer was officially signed on to West’s G.O.O.D Music label in July, he was rumoured to have joined the dreaded Iluminati Cult, which is alleged to be home to a number of American celebrities, including West. In defence, D’banj said, “I don’t know anything about the Illuminati. When I wanted to travel out of Nigeria for the first time I collected my international passport from Bishop David Oyedepo. That shows that I owe my success to God. If my success is too fast for people or they cannot understand it please don’t attribute it to illuminati. I feel very offended when that is being said because it simply translates to giving God’s glory to another person which He does not share with anyone. God will strike anyone who attributes my success to someone else.”
To the allegations of an existing relationship with Nollywood actress, Genevieve Nnaji, he said, “I am very single, and Genevieve is my friend. I have been saying this for over a year since we shot the Fall in Love video. Can’t you people just see fine boy and fine girl in a video kissing each other and not think anyhow?”
Although the singer who released his debut album, No Long Thing in 2005, was recently featured on West’s Cruel Summer CD inlay and a couple of other singles, he has been criticised for ‘leaving his kingship in Nigeria to become a prince in America.’
Amidst laughter, Dbanj replied, “Did I change the crown? I only carried my crown to the US. People are just confused but the truth is I am still a king wherever I am. Being in a different country and culture I had to study the environment which is what I am still doing. I actually thought I would release my album in America but my label thought UK would be better because I have a bigger fan base there. I weighed my options remember everything did not come from me so I had to do what I did to move on.”
The singer, who revealed that his mother allowed him to travel to the UK in 2002 with a condition that he would spend just two months there, describes social media network as platform for idle talk.
“I am too busy for social media, please. If you people want to talk to me go to TV or radio I don’t go to social media except I have something to say. I never give out recharge cards on Twitter (laughs) even when I was with Globacom I never did that. If you want to do that why not help a charity instead.”


Koko master D’banj is presently on set in Atlanta, USA for the video shoot of “Bachelor”, a track off his next album.
The former Mo’Hits music star who recently featured in the G.O.O.D. music label compilation album is said to to be working very hard not to dissappoint his fans in Nigeria, following recent criticisms on the social media of his single “Oyato” and also the remix of Inyanya’s hit single “Kukere”.
This may just be the video he will use to shoot himself back into reckoning after his dissapointing efforts since he broke up with long time friend and producer Don Jazzy.