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Nnaa mehn this police people no dey shame o…asin eh..dem no dey learn. But sha, if we continue exposing them like this, police extortion will soon be a thing of the past.

Please make sure you use the video recorder on your phone the next time you witness this anomaly. Thank you


policeman demanding bribe from motoristpolice man demanding bribepoliceman demanding bribe from motorist

The said officer, a sergeant attached to the Lagos State Command Motor Traffic Division was caught on tape demanding N25k bribe from a motorist in Lagos.

In a recent development, the Police via a facebook post claim to have arrested the police officer whose name they are yet to make public.

This is just a warning to everyone. Be careful what you do, SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE might be recording…


In a bid to forestall his arrest and detention, the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Oil and Gas Ltd. Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Uba and his company have taken the Chairman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibrahim Lamorde, and the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar, before a Federal High Court in Lagos.

Uba is seeking the order of the court to restrain EFCC and  the Inspector General of Police from persecuting, detaining, and threatening to detain or prosecute him.

In an affidavit sworn to by Uba himself and filed before the court, he alleged that his political opponents are looking for all sorts of criminal charges against him because of his political ambition to contest in the governorship in Anambra State scheduled for 2014.

He further alleged that because of his rising electoral profile, his political opponents are looking for a way to stop him from realising his ambition.

Among the offences they alleged he had committed include fuel subsidy fraud and forgery of lease government in respect of property measuring 24.744 hectares situated on Oshodi Expressway, Apapa, Lagos.

The matter was slated for hearing Friday but the court did not seat. Consequently, the matter was adjourned till next week.

 Source: PMNews

A group of well-armed gunmen earlier today carried out an attack on the Special Anti -Robbery Squad detention facility in Garki area 11 in Nigeria’s federal capital Abuja.
The detention center used by the Nigerian police to hold high level violent criminals was attacked in a brazen manner by the attackers from the Boko Haram sect. The center reportedly holds some senior commanders of Boko Haram including the wife of the Kabiru Sokoto, the Christmas day Catholic church bomber in Suleja, Niger State.
Police spokespersons did not respond to calls regarding the attack. SaharaReporters learnt the police authorities are too embarrassed to discuss the attempted jailbreak  twenty four hours after the sect attacked a military church near Kaduna killing at least 10 people including military officers.
Plain clothed policemen have cordoned off the area preventing reporters from taking pictures. A photo journalist from Daily Independent newspaper who attempted to take a picture of the scene of the attack was severely beaten by the police and immediately arrested and detained.

Source: SaharaReporters


Cristiano Ronaldo makes an eagerly-awaited return to Manchester on Wednesday night, and Roberto Mancini is threatening to adopt an unorthodox approach to stopping him wreaking havoc at the Etihad Stadium.
Asked how he intended shackling the Real Madrid dangerman’s threat, and preventing him finishing off Manchester City’s slender Champions’ League hopes, Mancini paused for a moment before saying, with a deadpan look: ‘We’ll call the police.’

A smile soon followed, but he was adamant it would be a crime if Real’s former Manchester United forward missed out on FIFA’s backing him for the Ballon D’Or award, even though Lionel Messi appears to be the overwhelming favourite.
The Etihad may not be Ronaldo’s happiest hunting ground, after just one goal in five games there and two red cards in his last three appearances, but Mancini summed up the task facing City by saying: ‘I just hope he can have a bad night on Wednesday because, when you come up against a player who can score one or two goals every game, it is difficult,’ he said.
‘Ronaldo is a top player and he deserves to win the Ballon d’Or. He scored so many goals last year, and that helped Real finish above Barcelona in La Liga. He and Messi are the best players in the world, but what he did to make Real champions has to count in his favour.

‘I hope he can have a bad night on Wednesday, but when you come up against a player who can score one or two goals every game, it is difficult.
‘For him, it will be a big occasion, returning to Manchester, but it is an important night for Real as well, because they want to keep progressing towards the second stage.’
Ronaldo scored a late winner when City lost 3-2 at the Bernabeu in the opening game of this season’s Champions League, and Mancini believes that loss was the catalyst for City’s poor form in their next three group games.

‘If we had come back from the Bernabeu with a good result it would have probably changed this group for us,’ he said. ‘It was really disappointing. It’s not easy to play there and in the first half they played better than us, but the match totally changed in the second half and, when you are 2-1 up with three minutes to go, you should be very strong to close the game.
‘I think that we don’t have any chance to go to the second stage, but football is strange. I think for the fans it’s an important game because, three or four years ago, City supporters would want this game and to play in the Champions League against Real and Barcelona. Now it’s an important game and we want to do a good job.’


President Goodluck Jonathan is reportedly behind the apparent militarization of upcoming elections in Ondo State, having replaced local police with soldiers, a source in the police told SaharaReporters today.
The source claimed that in the last two hours, the National Security Adviser, Lt. Col. Sambo Dasuki and the Minister of State for Defence, Erelu Olusola Obadan have taken control of the state and flooded it with soldiers.
An observer in Akure confirmed to SaharaReporters that there is an unusually high number of checkpoints mounted by soldiers in the state but stated the soldiers were “civil”.
The dramatic deployment of soldiers has raised serious concerns by candidates in tomorrow’s polls that the elections will be rigged.
Interestingly, Mr. Jonathan does not support his party’s candidate, Olusola Oke but has reportedly poured funds into the candidacy of the Labour Party candidate and incumbent Governor, Olusegun Mimiko.
Competition is fierce for the governorship of Ondo State considering the region’s extreme oil-wealth.

Source: SaharaReporters



An Abuja based Nollywood star, Miss Dorothy Njamanze who was recently molested alongside other Abuja ladies by the military, had in this article/ petition condemned the military for subjecting Abuja women to the most callous treatment. She had called on the federal government and the Nigerian police to call the military to order before terror and anarchy take over the FCT. She had stated that contrary to the assertion of the military, Abuja women are decent and shouldn’t be called prostitutes. Dorothy said, such derogatory comment or reference is traumatising and debasing .

My name is Dorothy Njemanze and this is my 29th September experience.

Having successfully rounded up with my Ability talk show on Love 104.5FM earlier that morning, I did what I could for the group creating awareness on World Heart Day. I ate at about 8.00pm. Ojiugo who went to buy the food told us about how when she had gone to buy the food, she was chased by people from a bus without a number plate and she ran into Drumstix, wuse2. She was terrified. We calmed her. I ate, dressed up and was made up by Justina for the Ambassador for peace beauty pageant in Sheraton where I was to feature with Abuja artistes in a special peace presentation.

I drove out with Justina. I was to drop her before going to the venue. I had to see my brother at Dreams Garden down the street. I parked behind a bus, got down alone to see my brother briefly. As I was passing the bus,a man wearing a head warmer approached me, stopped me by applying pressure to my breasts with his hands and ordered me to enter the bus. Offended at his contact with my breast, I raised my voice at him to attract attention and avoid being kidnapped. He wore no name tag on him. He pushed me from my chest into the bus, I pushed my way out and shoved him then three armed soldiers dressed in camouflage and helmets joined him to beat me. 2 people on mufti joined too. One of the soldiers cocked his gun and ordered me to go into the bus. I saw Justina rush out of the car and start screaming my identity. I was doing same. I told them I parked behind them, showed them my car keys but they wouldn’t listen. What we were saying made passers by look closely and when they identified me, the gathered crowd was speaking in my favour and questioning their actions. They said I looked like and was dressed like a prostitute. I was crying and amidst the pandemonium, I tried calling my brother but the call didn’t go through. I called one of the men living in my house and told him I was being beaten down the street.

I looked into the bus, there were two women in it. As I was making calls, my assailants began entering the bus. I noticed this and drove past them and blocked them with my car. At this point I got through to my brother and alerted him that I was just assaulted. I noticed the bus was reversing to escape so I made a U-turn and pursued them. I kept speaking with my brother and the other man to let them know where we were. They sped to Area 10 sports complex. I stopped my car, wound up my glasses, locked all doors and waited for my family to arrive. I put calls across to several people including the FCT police commissioner.

They heard the assailants banging on the car glasses, roof,doors, hood and trunk. There were more buses, soldiers and people wearing man o’war uniforms. My brother arrived so I got down from my car and pointed out those who beat me to him. He was furious and began shouting “what have they done to deserve this? Can’t people be free around their homes again…?” He told me to drive into the premises. I couldn’t just then because my body was trembling but I eventually did. By then, three people I live with had arrived. The GM of a radio station in Abuja joined shortly after. Some other people came to the scene because they heard from different places. I placed several distress calls. I was totally traumatized.

A lady eventually came to the scene. She asked why I didn’t identify myself to the assailants. I told her I did but they wouldn’t hear. She asked why I didn’t show any identity card and I explained there was no room for that. She asked to see the identity card I had on me. I went to my bag in the car, brought out my card holder with my Actors Guild of Nigeria identity card, Dorothy Njemanze Foundation identity card (that identified me as a press person/activist), Exclusive Stores patronage card, driving licence, National identity card, ATM cards, complimentary cards… All in a card holder. The assailants said identity cards are useless to them. Before this lady came, a soldier meant to question my brother’s audacity to turn up in area 10 in my defence and cocked a gun pointing at his tummy and said,”I go shoot you for belle now. Who you think say you be?” I got furious, rained curses on them all wishing all female members of their families will die so that they respect womanhood. I shouted that it was my brother they were talking to and told them they will have to shoot two members of the Njemanze family. Someone on plain clothes asked if I was related to the Chief Judge of Imo. I said I was an Njemanze and promised them a difference in encounter for daring to assault royalty.

I heard the driver of the bus with my assailants say they assaulted me because I looked like a prostitute. He said I was not dressed like a Nigerian. I was more enraged. I asked if he could see any cleavage at all or my buttocks..I asked how prostitutes dress. I asked everyone present to analyse my dressing especially as I was going for an event. After I showed the lady my identity cards, she made a call and gave me the phone to talk with the person on the other side of the line. The man requested to speak with any soldier. I gave a female soldier on low cut the phone but she insisted her squadron leader was the better person to receive the call. I gave him the phone, he said I should put it on speaker which I did and gave it to a lady there to hold. The man identified himself and ordered the squadron leader to arrest everyone on the team that assaulted me and move to the nearest police station with me. He said he had heard but to our surprise, I was hearing them say, “them think say na only them sabi person for Nigeria? Make we call madam. We too, we sabi senator wey no be small person for senate.”

A female soldier did not find Justina’s piercings on her face funny. She told her she looked like a prostitute. Justina tried defending herself and the woman cocked her gun and told her to look well at her, that she would waste her if she tried talking again. Somewhere along the line, she was flogged with ‘koboko’.

After the assailants and their counterparts made their call, they hurriedly got into their buses and sped away. I had to make a report of the case with the police. As we left the Area10 sports complex,I had to park in front of International Conference Center to wait for a family friend who heard of the incident. Just as he got to me, two other cars pulled up ahead of us the men came to us. Apparently, they saw me earlier on in the sports complex and thought we were going after the people that escaped in the buses. One had his sister abducted. The other man had his wife who went out to buy suya for the family abducted. They said they were told to come to Arco estate lugbe to bail their family members. I told them I had to go to the police first but gave my numbers to them and encouraged them to keep in touch for additional assistance.

I headed straight to Wuse police station which covers the place the crimes against me began. The FCT police commissioner monitored what went on personally. I wrote my statement alongside all witnesses present. If this could happen to me, I wonder what has been happening to people who do not own cars or won’t speak up owing to timidity.

Since last year, I have handled over 70 cases of assault by this said task force that works in collaboration with Abuja Environmental Development Board (AEPB). I have exposed the fact that they randomly abduct women in Abuja and force them to confess to prostitution. I have had victims who are married women, stray bullet injury survivors, raped after abduction by captors, beaten out of private vehicles at gun point only to later discover their names were published in the national dailies and who have suffered various degrees of traumatic fits including youth Corpers with ID cards on them amongst others.

This war against women resident in Abuja is getting worse by the day. From the police station, I had to go to the hospital with Justina where we got injections and other medication. Everyone born of a woman should be in the fight against this random violation of women in Abuja without any attempts at paying for damages to victims. I call on all that respect human rights to come to our aid and ensure every victim gets appropriate redress. I also wonder why there would be armed soldiers without name tags on their uniforms brutally abducting innocent civilians. If considering the calibre of people around me, we still had guns cocked at us, I wonder the fate of the abducted people when they are taken to sabon lugbe near Kuje. We are in the process of tracing all those involved in that operation that has left me in excruciating body and emotional pains with the help of the police.


Men of the Nigeria Police Force from Abeokuta, Ogun State Command, have arrested two Pastors for possessing and driving vehicles stolen by armed robbers.
The Ogun State Commissioner of Police, Ikemefuna Okoye, said the cars the suspects possessed, were on a police list of stolen cars
The Pastors are Promise Ozavehe of ‘Champions Shorph Ministries’, Igando, Lagos and Muyiwa Olayeni of ‘Cherubim and Seraphim Church’, Isara, Ogun State.

CP Okoye said the car found with Pastor Ozavehe, was robbed in Ilorin, Kwara State; while he was arrested along Ibadan-Lagos Expressway.

Also the car found with Pastor Olayeni, was robbed in Ogbomoso in Oyo State, while he was arrested in Isara, Ogun State.

In his reaction to the theft allegation, Pastor Ozavehe said the controversial car was given to him by another pastor colleague. He accused the police of denying him access to his family and lawyer as he languished in detention. “Why should they put me into this mess, I am a pastor with five years experience, the car was given to me by a colleague pastor in Ilorin, who now made a detour that he wants his car back, and next thing I see is my arrest. I have been in detention for over 24 hours, the police beat me mercilessly, seized my phone and never allow me to have contact with my family and lawyer.”, he said.

Pastor Ozavehe said he is a PhD holder in Theology from South Africa.

On his part, Pastor Olayeni said that he could not explain what befell him as he was confused about the whole situation.